Production Proceeds with a (Sort of) Completed Script

The holidays are a time to reflect and rejoice with family and friends; to take stock of the proceeding year and make resolutions for a new one to come.  For Guerrilla Filmmakers in need of establishing shots of Christmas decorations for their low budget feature, they’re also a great time to surreptitiously get some great shots of the surrounding neighborhoods, and so we took it to the streets.

The frames below show images that will be played during the credit sequence and perhaps a few other choice locations.  We can see the main character driving around, perhaps with another person in the vehicle, taking in the spirit of the season.

Behind the Wheel
The main character drives around observing holiday decorations on neighboring houses.
Decorated House Seen from Car
A wonderfully decorated house includes both a lighted train and the Santa below.
Santa in his Sleigh
Santa in his sleigh completed with animated reindeer.

As it is the season of miracles, we’re also pleased to announce that the first draft of the script is now officially completed after 6 weeks of writing, or at least it includes the words “THE END” on the final page.   There will be more tweaks and changes to come, but we’re on schedule and plan to start shooting real scenes as early as next week.

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