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It is much more of a surprise that I had a talent for operations.  Once upon a time, I was known more as the absent minded-professor type, but early in my career I developed a finer appreciation for processes, policies, and procedures, learning quickly that the corporate wheel does not move forward unless it’s properly aligned.

Is the team comprised of TPMs, TAs, or SAs?  Who’s the Product Owner?

The early 2000’s were also a great time to be in operations; in addition to the explosion of new ERP tools, there was a need to define a seemingly endless number of processes to support technology services in general.  Do we do Waterfall or Agile?  If Agile, are we truly using Scrum?  Is the team comprised of TPMs, TAs, or SAs?  Who’s the Product Owner?

What started out as the Wild Wild West of the World Wide Web quickly needed to be tamed, and — in addition to an app — you needed a policy for that.  Enter operations, compliance, and security.  The situation was further complicated by the rise of offshore software development teams, leading to global workflows and follow the sun models.

In addition to an app, you needed a policy for that.

A former CEO of mine once described me as a “pioneer” in offshore, and while I can’t claim to be the inventor of the practice, I did have the opportunity to apply the principles to marketing technology delivery, building scalable teams across skills such as design, web, and email.  Please feel free to download my Technology Executive/CTO/EVP resume to learn more.

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