On the Road

I love convertibles, especially of the traditional 2-seat roadster variety.  I’ve been lucky enough to own a second, third, and now fourth generation Miata, a 370Z Roadster and a Boxster.  I also love naturally aspirated engines – the sound, the torque curve, the need to shift gears for maximum acceleration — and so when the Boxster went 4-banger turbo I was confronted with the kind of problem we can only have in the Western World.

Macan in Austria
I loved the Boxster, but loathed the new engine, especially as it was substantially more expensive than the glorious 3.4 liter in the previous model.  I ultimately solved the problem the only way I knew how, by getting two cars:  A 2016 Miata Club and a 2017 Macan GTS.  The Macan in particular was part of a lifelong dream come true:  My wife and I picked it up at the original Porsche factory in Stuttgart, Germany and spent over a week on a road trip through Germany and Austria.

Miata at Dealership



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