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As much as I enjoy working with people, there is something to be said for the solitary insanity of writing.  It’s just you and your computer; no limitations, no compromise, and no budgets, only your own imagination and ability.  It’s also a lot of work; coming up with the idea is easy, the execution not-so-much.  Regardless, I have enough fun with it that — in addition to the two below — I am well into a third, this time the start of a fantasy trilogy tentatively called The Law of the Primes.

Far From Home:
The City Under the Sea

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In the grand tradition of classic science fiction, “Far From Home” takes the reader on a journey into the past, present, and future. Mirra is a young archeologist fleeing a war-torn Earth to explore a strange new world untouched by humanity for over 25,000 years. Joined by a diverse team of scientists and other colonists, her mission is to discover the secrets of an ancient city hidden under a storm-tossed ocean; the only surviving metropolis after a massive nuclear war drove the prior inhabitants to extinction eons before.

The Earth Mirra left behind was on the brink of disaster, but, after fifty years of computer-controlled slumber ends with an unexpected kiss in orbit around her new home, she’ll soon learn that the wet, icy landscapes of Theta-3 can be equally unforgiving. On this barren, broken planet, even a decent cup of coffee is hard to come by, and all the gadgets and goodies a wealthy society takes for granted are totally out of reach.

Accompanied by a mysterious old flame and an equally inscrutable new one, Mirra must also face the timeless demons of life, love, and loss if she has any hope of understanding the forgotten legacy that lurks beneath the frigid waters. Every city hides its share of secrets, but some are more potent than others—and one could alter everything we know about humanity itself.

Laced with wry humor and timeless satire, “Far From Home” is an invitation to join Mirra and her fellow settlers on an unforgettable journey into the dark heart and bright hope of the human experience.

Far From Home: The City Under the Sea is available as a Kindle book from

The Curse of La Cosa Nostra:
Or How I Became a Teenage Mobster Vampire from Nutley, NJ

Imagine, if you will, a deliciously unique cocktail: One part True Blood and another The Soprano’s, add a splash of A Bronx Tale, shake, stir, and serve with a garnish of technothriller.

Giuseppe De Luca is just a college student from Nutley, NJ. He never planned on becoming the IT Director for the mob, nor did he imagine that mobsters are really vampires in hiding, or that real-life vampires are far more disgusting than folklore allows, but he will learn the truth of both shortly after saving his Uncle Tony’s life in a Greenwich Village alley.

Alas, Giuseppe, or Joey as he is normally called, doesn’t have much experience with women either, and he had no idea the complications that might result from getting involved with a beautiful prostitute, Candy.  Of course, her profession is suspect and her allegiances unclear, yet when has that ever mattered to a nineteen-year-old virgin pursued by the New York mob as they search for an artifact that has already poisoned his mind and body, slowing turning him into a vampire himself?

All Joey knows is that he needs to keep this shit secret from his parents and pass his finals.  To achieve those goals, he’ll need a little help from his friends, all of whom are less athletic and skilled in skullduggery than he is.  The future looks grim indeed, especially after the cops believe he’s a suspect in a murder investigation and he doesn’t even own a getaway car.

At that point, what’s a boy to do but call his mommy?

The Curse of La Cosa Nostra: Or How I Became a Teenage Mobster Vampire from Nutley, NJ is currently in the final stages of editing and Christian is actively looking for publishers.

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