Preproduction Blends Into Production + A Logo in Search of a Script

In the grand tradition of Friday the 13th, we’ve got a working draft of a logo for the new film project, Master Pieces, and starting our own traditions we’ve officially entered production as of December 13, 2016, but we’ve yet to finish the script.  The situation isn’t as dire as it sounds, however, as the script is now on beta version .9 and is expected to be wrapped up soon with full production continuing after the holidays.

In the meantime, the latest version of the logo and some screen grabs of sample production footage or below.

Master Pieces Sample Shot
Horror films generally play with the audiences expectations of movie making in general. For example, by filming establishing shots with a POV feel.
Master Pieces Sample Shot 2
In these two shots, we explore the primary location using a hand-held camera.
Master Pieces Sample Logo
The first draft of the Master Pieces logo. It is sure to change, but should give you a sense of the direction we are taking.

Master Pieces is a retro-horror film inspired by the classic slasher and haunted-house movies of the 1980’s, think thrills and chills on a low budget.  An official website, supporting information, and the making of series will be coming soon, but please check back here for updates until the official announcement.

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Posthaste Preproduction for “Master Pieces”

The new film, Master Pieces, has officially entered preproduction with a series of test shots designed to experiment with lighting, space, and potential placement of actors.

As this is guerrilla filmmaking, we will be moving fast and furious from here:  Official production is scheduled to start next month, and we don’t even have a final script or cast yet, but that’s all part of the charm for this throwback to the classic 80’s horror films.

Stairway Sample Lighting Set Up
Guerrilla filmmaking requires fast set ups that still establish an appropriate atmosphere. In this un-retouched still, we see how directional lighting and straight framing can be used to create the appropriate mood.


Drain Test Shot
Creating a haunted house without spending money on effects will require creative set-ups featuring haywire household items and appliances. What’s more annoying than a drain that won’t stop dripping?


Shaving Test Shot
The overall mood will be further established by framing shots with multiple viewing planes. In this sample, we see a figure close to the camera and a master bedroom while we peek into the bathroom.

More updates will be coming soon, or at least they better be or we’ll be falling way behind schedule.  In an ideal world, there will also be a YouTube Series and a full production log, Making Our Master Pieces, both of which will ultimately serve as ideas for a cursed sequel like Scream 3 and Nightmare on Elm Street: New Nightmare.

Of course, we’d be ahead of them by several films if we make the making of with the original picture, but it pays to be efficient, especially in low-budget slasher and haunted house flicks.

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